Don't appear before the Zoning Board alone.

  • Was your permit application denied? Are you planning to add a room or add a floor onto your home? Would you like to change the type of business conducted in your commercial space? Do you want to install new signage on your building? Are you renovating a single family home into multiple rental units or condominiums? Do you want to renovate a property into multiple rental units? If so, you probably need a Zoning Permit.
  • The zoning process begins with the application for a Permit, which is generally met with a Refusal. The Refusal must then be appealed to the Zoning Board of Adjustment and a hearing is scheduled. As a rule, the application will need to be presented to the appropriate civic board prior to the ZBA hearing.
  • The zoning process is complicated, frustrating, and hostile to the unfamiliar applicant. Your likelihood of success increases when you are represented by an experienced practitioner with familiarity with the Zoning Code and knowledge of the procedures.
  • Retaining an experienced zoning Attorney saves time and avoids unnecessary expenses. Contact us today regarding your proposed zoning application.